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When it comes to your book - a labor of love you have been working on for months, if not years - you need a publishing house that is one with your creativity, passion, and values. Half Crow Books is one such group of Authorpreneurs who know the market, understand new forms and styles of storytelling and the readers. Our vision is to provide a platform to all the writers who believe they can make the world of books a little bit richer with their powerful storytelling.

Through Half Crow Books, authors will have access to the services they need to realise their publishing goals. Half Crow Books has an extensive range of publishing options with the added services needed for authors to build their own publishing platform.

We are designed to be as interactive and transparent as possible. We invite all of our authors to tell us about their new book projects, how they are promoting their books, and any other tips they might consider useful to their fellow authors. We also provide marketing, editorial, and designing services based on our extensive resources and publishing experience.

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