Publish with Us

Half Crow Books is now accepting submission for fiction and general non-fiction works in English & Hindi.

Submission Guidelines

We consider submissions from a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction; from memoirs and biographies to science fiction and fantasy.

We evaluate the content of all submissions to ensure that they match standards of our publishing philosophy.

What to Submit

We need a covering letter and your detailed profile along with whichever from the following is applicable:

  1. A detailed proposal of the work which should include a synopsis and three sample chapters (three sample stories in the case of short story collections).

  2. Between 8-10 poems for a poetry collection submission.

  3. Half of the manuscript for a children’s literary submission.

  4. Samples of any artwork which is to be a part of your manuscript.

How to Submit

  1. All submissions should be typed up using legible font, on single-sided plain black paper, and double-spaced.

  2. Please ensure that the author’s name and contact information are clearly stated on the first page of the submission.

  3. Please allow at least three months for your manuscript to be considered. If you haven’t heard from us after three months and wish to enquire about your manuscript, please email us a query. Queries over the phone will not be entertained.

Send us your submissions by email to


  1. Please note Halfcrow Publication reserves the right to accept or reject your proposal. While we would love to offer you some feedback on your work in the event of rejection, please know that it may not be logistically possible given the quantum of submissions we recieve.

  2. Should we like your proposal, we will ask to see further material. However that does not amount to the acceptance of your manuscript. All that it means is that we would like to see the complete manuscript before taking a final decision.

  3. If we accept your manuscript, you will be formally notified by our team. A contract will then be signed with mutually agreed upon terms.