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    • We offer various combinations of publishing, editorial, and marketing services for a truly customised publishing experience.

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    • Our dynamic range of marketing campaigns and platforms will help you create a strategic book promotion that targets both local and international readers.

  • Editorial, Formats & Design
    • Creating a dynamic company for the continuous exploration and develop opportunities.

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Publishing with us means producing a high quality book. Professional copyeditors enhance your manuscript and polish your writing while you still maintain creative control
Our advanced publishing technology means every book is released in digital format, as well as providing the soft cover print-on-demand format.
The cover of your book is what people would notice first and foremost. An eye-catching cover design, a well-laid interior layout and interesting illustrations is what our design team will offer your team of experienced graphic designers and artists can execute your ideas or provide art direction, as needed.

Book Selling

Is there a way to make your work available to bookstores and protect your intellectual property? We have services that can register your copyright and get bookstores to stock your books.


Our team assures you of a worry-free submission and publishing process with our pre-publication and post-publication services designed to answer your author needs from file conversions to last-minute revisions.